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MedSistem offers solutions for below sectors for gas installations and related equipments. You can see MedSistem products and services with the related sectors in details.

Medical Sector

medical gas distribution systems and equipments- bedhead units - pendants- accessories - SOT equipment


laboratory gas distribution systems and equipments - PP sinks and fans - fixed  gas dedection systems


Industrial gas distirbution systems and equipments

01 - Slayt Medikal


MedSistem offers equipment for Medical Gas Distirbution systems, pipes, Zone service units, Alarm panels, Bedheasd unit / Wall Units / medical Trunking Units / Column Units / Ceiling Mounted Units / Pendants for Operating Theatres and Intensive Care Units, Accessories, Suction and Oxygen Therapy Equipments and Nurse call.

MedSistem offers his products for export market through his distributors who are competent with the Medical gas- BHU-Pendant business.

MedSistem also make medical gas installation to the nearby countries such as Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kırghizistan, Georgia, Northern Cyprus and so on.

02 - Slayt Laboratuvar


MedSistem, offers products for Laboratory Gas Distribution systems, Regulating panels, plants for air and vacuum, High Purity gas equipments, Tapping Pointsl, 2.0 gas and vacuum fittings.

03 - Slayt Endüstriyel


MedSistem offers solutions to the industrial gas applications including gas pipeline ( copper or stainless steel, point of use equipment, regulating panels. We offer tailor made solutions to the customer who has industrial, welding, or special gas use and consumption.