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Pendants for Operating Theatres and Intensive Care Units:

MedSistem offers hospitals for better management of the gas and electric services and equipment needed near the Operating Table with the Operating Theatre Pendants for Anaesthesia, Surgeon and Endoscopy.

For Intensive Care Units, MedSistem Tandem Pendants helps doctors, nurses and caregivers easy access to patient from every point of the patient bed, thanks to the easy moving arms and pendant heads/consoles. The tandem pendant can be arranged one arm side as dry (for equipments) and the other  with dry side and the other arm side as wet (for infusion pumps, IV holders etc).

MS Pendanst are user friendly, with quality Ondal arms which can be offered with electromagnetic brake or pneumatic brake, for heavy duty with XXL arms and tailor made, flexible MedSistem Service Heads/ Consoles can be donated with several accesories if needed.

MS Pendant Models:

  • MS POR-Rotative
  • MS POR-Multimovement
  • MS PICU-Tandem
  • MS POR-Rigid

MedSistem Pendants complies with EN ISO 11791 and EN 60601-1 standards. All our Pendant products has CE mark. Please see our Quality Certificates.









Pendant Arms :

That is the most critical part of the Pendant System. MedSistem has Ondal Mediboom arms for Rotative Pendants and Medilift arms for Multimovement Pendants.

Pendant arms should have enough cross section for hoses and cables. The MediBoom has been designed with user requirements in mind: concealed fasteners provide a smooth surface for easy cleaning. The new, innovative design of the MediBoom is impressive. Fasteners have been concealed from the exterior and interior restricting points have been eliminated. Cables can be easily installed through large openings. The Plug-and-Brake system is a particularly handy feature of the MediBoom. It allows for a speedier connection of the control panel to the Service Head by means of quick-action couplings. Large openings at the bearing points facilitate quick and easy cable installation.

MediBoom is equipped with the most innovative bearing system for ceiling-mounted pendant systems. Loads up to 640 kg can be moved with ease. The integrated bearings have optimised running characteristics which allow the smooth repositioning of the system when the brake is released.

We both offer pneumatic brakes but also offer electromagnetic brakes which is the utmost preffered brakes for pendant arms which helps hospitals save enourmous maintenance cost.

Why E-brake?

The E-Brake, the innovative electromagnetic passive brake system of the MediBoom keeps the system safely positioned even during a power outage. The E-Brake is also designed to allow manual repositioning at any time. The electromagnetic brake system called E-Brake is a standard feature of the MediBoom. The previously required compressed-gas/air (Nitrogen or air) connection is no longer needed due to the electrical actuation of the E-Brake. This reduces infrastructure cost and ongoing maintenance issues with conventional air brakes. With normal operation there are no costs for replacement parts due to the maintenance-free design of this brake system.

For detailed arms please visit Ondal web page.



Pendant Service Head /Console Alternatives:

MedSistem has two alternative Pendant Service Head.

  • Classic Square Head
  • MS6 Head

You may preffer one of these Service Head /Consule as per your project needs. As standart we offer MS6 Head since with the triangle shape of the MS6 Head wgas and electric services are more effectively used by the users.

  • Pendant Heads / Consoles should be modular such as  200-400-600-800-1000 mm  for different applications, we offer the optimum length for the services but it can be longer is requested.
  • The sockets can be positioned in the front or in the back of the Service Head. Therefore the positions of the sockets can be optimally;
    • Planned
    • Visualised
    • Operated.
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to clean

Pendant Accessories:

Accessories are as imporant as arms or Pendant Service Head. MedSistem offers several accessories for better flexibility of Pendant Systems.

  • Multifunctional Rail- MFR, this is offered with MS6 Head that helps us to mount many accessories to the Pendant Head.
  • Infusion pump holder, (several different models are avaliable)
  • Shelves mounted on MFR- with rails or withou rails
  • Drawers mounted under the shelves
  • Exam Lamps
  • Different clamps for mounting devices to the rails or to the MFR
  • Baskets


Contact to our Distributors or Our Sales Team to support you with the optimum Pendants for Operating Theatres or Intensive Care Units.