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Bedhead Units / Wall Units / Trunking Systems

Bedhead Units For Private / VIP Rooms or for wards:

With our experience of 20 years MedSistem offers different models of bedhead units which are manufactured according to the standards, user friendly and esthetic look.


MedSistem serves to his customers with high quality aluminum bedhead units with the high quality gas and electric service equipments. we support customers with our drawings of bedhead units so that they will know what they will exactly get before they order. All our products are manufactured accoring to En 11791 and tested according to EN 60601-1 .

Bedhead units /Wall Unit / Medical trunking MedSistem models:

  • MS 100
  • MS 200
  • MS 300
  • MS 400
  • MS 500
  • MS ARC
  • MS Col-Power
  • MS MedWall



Bedhead units lengths :

Bedhead units can be manufactured as for one bed or two beds in one pieces or more than two in several pieces. We recoomend up to 4 meters for double bed unşts but can be manufactured upto six meters if needed.


Important Criteria while choosing the model for the Bedhead Unit:

  • Health staff should use the unit easily.
  • Bedhead units should comply with the standards.
  • Easy to maintaine.
  • Could be upgradable.
  • Easy to clean.





Bedhead units comprises of below services / components:

  • Light 

Bedhead units should have reading (direct), Indirect (General) and exam lights. With our bedhead units we can offer all these requests.  Light controls can be by on/off switches, two-way switches, with handset, pull-cord, nurse call hand-set etc.

  • Gas Outlets / Terminal Units

Different gas services may be needed for different services/wards. Normally for wards oxygen and vacuum is needed but in the last couple of years Air4 bar is also asked for wards. Project tean should decide the gas types and gas outlet quantities so that the proper bedhead unit model should be decided..

Ünitelerimizde BS standart gaz prizi verilmektedir. Ünitelerimiz diğer standartlardaki gaz prizlerinin montajına uygundur.

  • Electric sockets / receptacles

Number of electric sockets should be decided by the project team as NPS, UPS or IPS. MedSistem can offer Schuko, BS, Multinstional sockets. If your project needs specific electrci sockets please let our sales team know that.

  • Data – Telephone – Nurse Call

Nowadays data and nurse call systems are needed in modern hospitals. While choosing the bedhead unist model you should let our sales team know the nurse call socket that needs to be installed on the bedhead unit to decide the bedhead unit model.

MS Col-Power:

MS Col-Power is an architectural tailor made products. Please ask for our distributors and our sales team the avalibale models.

MS 300:

MS 300 can be both offered as bedhead units or light units with MS Col-Power and MS MedWall.

How to choose Model / Tailor made production:

You can choose one of the models as per you hospital needs or ask our assistance for that. All our bedhead units are tailor made products. MedSistem has capability to offer you a special tailor made unit if needed. Please contact to our Distributors or our sales team for technical specificatiosn of our products and tailor made solutions.


Our bedhead units can be painted to many standart RAL colors. Please ask to your sales team about the possible color choices. In some bedhead units body is already anodized aluminum.